At Tall Pines we are proud of our staff. Each year more than 80 percent of our seasonal staff returns. The national average for day camps is 50 percent. We strive to create a positive work atmosphere where our staff wishes to return year after year.

A Senior Counselor leads each group, or "bunk", with help from two Junior Counselors. The minimum requirement for a Senior Counselor is to have finished their freshman year of college. Fifty percent of our Senior Counselors are state certified teachers. Twenty-five percent are college education majors and the remaining twenty-five percent are typically long term staff members that have grown up at Tall Pines. The average age of our Senior Counselors is 26 and they have an average of 5 years of experience at Tall Pines. Only 5 percent of our Senior Counselors are new to Tall Pines each summer.

Our Junior Counselors are high school students that have an average of seven years experience as campers and staff. At Tall Pines we "grow our own." Our Counselor-in-Training program graduates approximately 50 campers per year that eventually become staff members. Ninety-eight percent of our 120 Junior Counselors that work with our campers in the bunks are former campers. They are familiar with the way Tall Pines operates and wish to share that positive experience with your children.

This reduces the need for us to hire that are unfamiliar with the way we operate our camp. On average we only need to hire four Junior Counselors to work with our groups from outside the Tall Pines family out of 120 possible positions.

Each of our specialists is trained in their field of expertise. Former high school and college athletes as well as physical educators comprise our Athletic Staff and sports specialty areas. Trained artists teach our various creative crafts and performing arts programs.

Our swim staff is comprised of American Red Cross certified Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors. Up to two dozen Lifeguards are employed each summer to teach our campers how to swim and supervise them during their recreational swim period.

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